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The Insurance Group health and medicare

The insurance Group Health And Medicare

To provide superb customer service, we need certain information to be provided to us.  We understand your concern on why we need this information.  This is our privacy policy to explain why we need this information to serve you in the best way.  We follow our privacy policy, as well as any HIPAA guidelines that come along with it, to give you the smoothest customer service we can. We mainly collect information from you as a client.  This information may include name, address, email, telephone number, social security number, driver’s license number, or credit card information.  The information depends on whether you are looking at health, life, auto, home, commercial, or any insurance you may be looking at. 
Another way we collect information is through websites you may have or house information from realtor websites.  Also, information for auto, home, and commercial quotes follow guidelines such as Nationwide’s privacy policy.
We use this information to give you quotes on insurance as well as purchase insurance when you decide to.  All of this information is protected and follows HIPAA guidelines.  With your consent, your personal information will we shared with various insurance companies you are looking for coverage through.  Information we collect from you via applications, in writing, in person, by telephone, or by other means is used to underwrite policies and/or verify information through methods such as driving records.  This information is only used to provide the product or service you requested from us or what is permitted by law. The information you provide will only be changed when you contact us.

Phone Number: (616) 392-3498

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